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Metro Green Solar. Solar is specialized in providing end to end Turnkey Project Solution to the clients. We can handle small and big Turnkey Project Management very competently. In the Indian market, Metro Green Solar with association of ‘Metro Group Germany‘ actively undertakes design, development, construction and maintenance of off-grid and on-grid Solar Systems.

“We are committed to reduce the dependence on heavily polluting fossil fuels and providing an affordable, clean energy for future generations to live and enjoy.”

Our Services:

Why work at Metro Green Slolar.?

To start with you get to make a real difference to one of the most pressing issues that this planet is facing, global warming and climate change. If you think of impact then think about this - your work could actually help reverse global warming, and your contribution would be truly recognised. You could help India achieve energy security and reach energy solutions to some of the most disadvantaged sections of Indian society. At the same time, you could be trailblazing in providing innotagive energy solutions to a variety of businesses and industries. You could be working in manufacturing or marketing, research or promotion, you would be a part of the solution that India, and the world, needs, here and today.

Work with the leader

We are the largest solar solution provider in India. The projects we take up and execute run across domains, end-use and scale. You would see the latest in innovation and technology in the solar field.

Impact on millions

Your work would reach and touch millions of lives each day. When you go back home at the end of the day you may want to think about the remote farmer in Chattisgarh who is silently blessing you.

Innovation and Technology

Get your hands on some of the latest processes and technology that the world of solar has seen.


Our Products Overview

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